Longer moments recording


Hello, I noticed that for android phones there is no “smart” motion detection available.
Will this be available in a update soon?

Also, we should have the ability to be able to record longer moments videos, atleast a minute or two rather than the 30 sec limit in place today.
I have seen the forums and alot of other people have asked for a similiar thing.

Thank you for your time.



Hi Janahan,

Welcome to joining us at Alfred Center!

For the moment, Person Detection is exclusively available on the iOS version. The Android version is coming up in the very near future.

Read more about Person Detection here:

As for the longer manual recording time, we will look into the possibility. Also, do you know that for Premium users, the time limit for Motion Event could be up to 120 seconds?

Read more about Alfred Premium here: Alfred Premium & Alfred Plus: Unlock Exclusive Features!



Thank you for the reply. I am a premium user.

Is there an option for sound activated recording?

Thank you,


Hi Janahan,

Do you mean something like “Sound Detection”? We don’t have the option yet, but we are looking into the possibility of developing it. Would you like to let us know why you want this feature?