Lock phone while camera is working



I know there is the power saving lock for the cameras, but this is not a true lock as somebody just has to touch my screen on my phone and press and hold the button, when it appears. However, if I lock my phone, then the camera turns off. Is it possible to lock your phone and continue to have the camera running? I don’t want people access the phone device, the alfred app, or any other apps on the device while it is running because the phone has access to my other accounts

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Thank you for letting us know about your concern.

For Android Camera, please try our passcode lock: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/199362

For iOS device, please try enable Guided Access to help you lock your phone. You can check out how here:

Hope it helps!


I hope this works as i have the same issue… :thinking: thanks boogaard for asking this one. Lol


@hext4life definitely works… On some devices. I just enable power saving mode ( the little padlock icon ) then push the power button which switchs the screen off but Alfred stays live and active.