Limited post I can make, now gotta wait 9hrs? DAFUCK!


Continuing the discussion from Trust circles is not like a circle… if there's one person in control of everything… there should be no one outside of the house that can access the cameras… but all three cameras won't be working long… it's another episode of pileing … funfunfun:

U No Joe, vocabulary chosen to exit the freedom whole you eat with to live, is key to my judgement a soul.

I think you know what I’m talking about. You got life/reality that I want to see and give.
Ppl live different lives. And some would call it sketchyyyy or cra crazy. I’m delivering that to Alfred my" security" . Noticed ppl like showing what they securityED . Not all alFreds tv/video shared are. [quote=“younojoe, post:1, topic:1592230, full:true”]
Wish it was real … it’s someone s fantasy of entitlement and deciet… lol. Thanks for the cool movies though… We are at the end of the credits … moviestars suck