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Voting Period: April 15th to May 15th, 2018

  • Turn on/off Motion Detection with a schedule
  • Person Detection
  • Motion Detection by the specific area
  • Download multiple motion events at once
  • PC/Laptop as Camera
  • More voice assistance integration
  • Review the access history of Camera (who/when/what)
  • Log in Alfred with a non-Google account

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I love the idea of signing in with out Google as I am trying to strip all the non free stuff out of my free (Android) operating system. Less interaction with the likes of Google the better.
@support if the pc/laptop version were to be realised would it be a stand-alone OS, A windows compatible exe. Or will we be blessed with a Linux add on :grin:
If you are going to expand Alfred an already great App then I think an option to install the extra modules or provide an Alfred lite version.


@support perhaps you could make this thread a sticky so it stays at the top of the threads and doesn’t disappear down the list in to obscurity.


The best update will be the compatilibity with windows phone, to use it as camera


@luca.schiavo92 I don’t think that is likely to be a possibility with the low user base Windows phones have, Would be more worthy to create a symbian version but even their numbers are dwindling. At least with the Android market there is still new old phones becoming available all the time or you can just pick up a new one for £20 which are 1000 times more powerful than my first PC which I paid over £1000 for. Scary.


Really would like a way to focus the camera! I’m trying to use this for my door peephole, all other “camera” apps that have touch to focus work perfectly. Please add another voting option for touch to focus or manual focus, really what ever one is easier to do.

Very nice app btw, I got a month subscription but I plan to buy the full version if I can get this peephole thing working with it.


@sol8712 have fitted a wide angle lens adapter ? I got one for a £1 of eBay am well pleased with the results.


1 app for camera mode and 2 app to control mode :wink:


Multi camera view is what should be done


My tlinleyt@gmail.com was working now it isn’t Ani don’t no why?


What’s not working about it ? @tlinleyt


It would be great if I can put all my camera’s up on my computer screen from work instead of having to click over 1 at a time. I would like to have them all live on the screen so I can monitor.


@the.climbing.guy you can. How to watch live feed from multiple Cameras at the same time


I can’t get multi camera to work. I followed the instructions but when I open my browser and select the link provided, the Alfred websight pops up and it says “Download the Alfred app it’s free”. Well I already have the app. And if I select viewer from the drop down menu nothing happens the screen just blinks and it goes back to the same screen.


Are you telling me that multi view can’t be done on my phone? That it has to be done on a computer? If that’s the case why the Hell don’t they tell you that. That really makes me disappointed in the app designers. Do you have any idea how much time of not only mine but I’m sure of countless others that your failure to communicate has wasted. That alone is reason enough to throw this app on the heaping pile of trash apps that wither and die every day.


@carywolverton3 Thanks for your constructive criticism. I’m sure the designers will take it in to consideration. That option has been mentioned and I believe it’s on the consideration/to do list. If Alfred doesn’t suit your current needs please check back at a later date after updates. This forum is for users like ourselves to help the designers achieve an app suited for their users.


@support @luke.yeh @sunny.hu nearly 2 million users and just 250 voters ?
Put a flyer on our apps front page to ask them to vote for Thier next Alfred evolution.


Could Alfred switch the flash on when needed?


It will be great if the SMS alert can be add for power/data lost, thank you


Would like following options with app…
Notify when voice or noise is detected. Also ability to turn camera on and off remotely from viewer