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Alfred Android Version 3.13.04 (build 1642)_latest version

Alfred presents the following new features/improvements in the latest Android version:

  1. Direct Video Download. Now you can download all videos directly to your phone!

  2. Improve the performance of reconnection when Camera goes offline.

  3. Bug fixes and performance improvements

Alfred Android Version 3.12.01 (build 1622/1620)

Alfred presents the following new features/improvements in the latest Android version:

  1. Siren! Now you can turn on Siren from your Viewer Phone while streaming Live. For more information, please visit here: Siren Supports for Alfred Android!

  2. Improve the experience of manual recording. Now you can simply tap the recording button to shoot videos rather than long press the button to do it.

  3. Record longer videos up to 120 seconds when the movement continues for Premium users!

  4. Bug fixes and UI improvements

Alfred Android Version 3.11.05 (build 1568/1566)

Alfred presents the following new features/improvement in the Android latest version:

  1. UI improvement and new tutorial design

  2. Find motion events more easily with new scrollbar design

  3. Add the status reminder for Camera running out of storage

Alfred Android Version 3.10.36 (build 1536/1532)

This version comes with some look-n-feel tweaks on menu and splash screens. We had also incorporated a fix for the video playback issue found on certain Android models as well as some minor bugfixes/improvements.

Alfred Android Version 3.10.26 (build 1518/1516)

Alfred is proud to present the following new features/improvement in the latest version!

  1. Tired of waiting when the Camera access is occupied? The new default setting allows the incoming Viewer to start streaming live video straightaway! You can also customize the setting in the new Access Priority section. For more information, please visit:
  1. The Camera UI has been revamped to be more informative.

  2. You can now integrate Alfred with Google Assistant! For more information, please visit:

Alfred Android Version 3.10.16 (build 1492/1490)

The latest version of Alfred has several cool new features on offer!

  1. Watching videos has become faster and smoother with the new video player. We also revamped the player interface to make it more intuitive.

  2. The process of switching between Viewer and Camera has been streamlined.

  3. The Auto Low-Light Filter algorithm had been adjusted to respond more promptly to ambient light changes.

Alfred Android Version 3.10.6 (build 1458/1456)

The latest version of Alfred for Android addresses a few issues some users have experienced.

  1. An issue related to video transmission introduced in the last version that could potentially make the live connection longer to set up has been resolved.

  2. Certain Samsung device models had difficulty playing longer videos smoothly. This has now been fixed.

  3. Camera preview resolution is now better chosen to address the issue some devices encountered after upgrading to Alfred Premium.


I use Legos too, will share soon!