Latest update notification sound

Hi. Just updated one device. I we can no longer change the notification sound from within alfred settings.
Why? How to?

Thank you


Thanks for reaching out!

This issue is due to the limitation of the notification sound in Android 8.0. However, our engineering team has been looking for a way to bring back the original Alfred notification sound setting. We will fix it as soon as possible!

Please stay tuned to the next update!

If “I wanna get” more of whatever according to your spiel on the alfred app.
It might be a good idea to address some basic functions that were there from the start no?
The other galaxy still has no function to change the notification tone since October of this year as reported.

Just sayin.
(That’s American) :wink:

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Thanks for keeping us posted!

We have designed another mode for users to customize the notification sound from Android system setting. Please check out more here:

Hope this helps!

I can’t find that setting on the phone. I really “wanna” get it sorted out.
When was this apparent ‘fix’ posted?
There’s no date on it.

@RabidSquirrel hi chippy I think you are looking for this.

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Will look later, thank you Pinky.
Thank goodness my chainsaw has instructions in English :wink:
Best to you.

@RabidSquirrel merry Christmas to you kind Sir.

Merry Christmas to you too Pinky. Pleasure making your acquaintance.

Ok found it. Layout is a little different since a theme is loaded.

The Alfred tone which I think is sorta cool… :wink:
Isn’t shown on the device.

You should work here Pinky!

Lol. @RabidSquirrel it feels like I do some days.