Keep Your Android Cameras Safe with Passcode Lock!



How to activate Passcode Lock:

So you have downloaded Alfred and set up your old phones as Camera(s), but there is still a nagging worry that the burglars might take your Camera Phone(s) and erase all the footage. What can you do?

Don’t worry, we thought about it for you!

Alfred for Android 1196 comes with Passcode Lock, which is another dream-come-true for many Superheroes. Your account is, and will always be protected by your Gmail password. However, IF your house is ever broken into, or IF you have a roommate from hell, Passcode Lock will be an indispensable feature for you.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Passcode Lock allows you to lock your screen with your usual passcode/pattern lock while Alfred functions continuously, which means unless someone knows how to unlock your phone, nobody can mess with or delete your Motion Events. In the worst case scenario where your phone is taken or broken, the Motion Events that are already recorded will remain accessible and protected by your account.

Here is how you activate Passcode Lock. Please remember to set up your device’s passcode/pattern lock to take advantage of this feature:

  1. Find Camera Settings on your Camera:
  1. Go to Passcode Lock:
  1. Activate Passcode Lock:
  1. Alfred will remind you to set up your device’s password/pattern lock:
  1. Tap Save Power to dim and lock the screen:

Last but not least, to lock and unlock your device, please drag the yellow circle PAST the one on the right:

How to unlock your Camera device:

If you have an iOS Camera device, we suggest you turn on Guided Access. We would also like to remind you again NOT to press the power/home key after locking your screen. That could cause a world of problems!

In the worse case scenario, please follow these extra steps to make sure your information stays safe!

Need further assistance? Go back to the list of frequently asked questions, check out the tips, start a new thread, or fill out the issue report form!

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Don’t forget to change your Gmail password and take these steps


Hi. Just become a wirst case scenario. He took the phone and erased the clips where he apeared. No lock pass activated. Can I do something?


Hi @dobre.m26,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

I am really sorry to hear about the theft. Unfortunately, once an Event has been deleted, it is gone for good. There is nothing we can do to recover it unless the authority gets involved.

Please change your Gmail password to protect your account, and remember to enable Passcode Lock from now on!


Already changed it, I installed another, this time 2 passwords but if he was scared away is likely not coming back. I was really hopping to get that single shot with his face…


To be honest I was thinking that the videos can somwhere in the email account be saved and if the video is erased from Alfred cloud can still be recovered from some other place. I can also make a complain to the police but is hardly to have any effect from Austria to there


Hi @dobre.m26,

I understand. We designed Passcode Lock to give the account as well as recordings extra protection, but in this situation it didn’t help.

If the police are willing to investigate the case and they send us a subpoena (or a legal document) asking for evidence, we will see what we can find. It doesn’t matter where you (or they) are. However, that is the only circumstances under which we can get anywhere close to a user’s recordings. I hope you understand!


Does creating a link on a video of a perpetrator stored a personal file?


Hi @janiejane1973,

Thank you for reaching out!

Creating a link means you have saved the recording to your Moment folder:

You can leave it there or download a hard copy if you need it for the police:

Hope it helps!