Keep the Old Dude


The new logo is TERRIBLE!!! It looks like EVERY OTHER LOGO on the planet. The old dude was/IS EASY to find in a sea of icons on a screen…you guys took a HUGE step backwards!


Hey Tony,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

We also loved the old Papa Alfred on the logo. However, his uniqueness also causes issues. Please read more about it here:

Feel free to let us know what you think!


The logo was unique easy to locate now it just blends in with the rest


That’s what I was saying…KEEP ALFRED!!!


Asking to keep the Ol’dude is like voting for Brexit :weary:


Was unique and easy to spot, now the logo blends in and gets lost with every other smart home app shaped like a house. Also, the gestalt is cold and industrial, whereas the old dude was more human, personal and warm. Two thumbs down. That logo emperor is wearing no clothes.


I agree, keep the Old! I hate the new logo app and new disappearing colors. They blend together and are impossible to see. Your site use to stand out (yeah!). Now your site is drab (ugh!) and disappears into the background. We miss Alfred and his nice bright happy colors. Bring back happy bright Alfred!


Your new logo sucks. Bring back Alfred and the bright colors.


New logo is corporate, uninspired. If you really need to replace the old one please at least come up with something fresh and original… The new play store name of the app also seems to be an unapologetic measure to capture search hits. Understandable and disappointing. It’s an unwieldy name. Whoever is doing all of this needs to understand uniqueness is (almost) everything.


I think we should have keep old dude and just renamed as ALFIE if Alfred was a name issue and keep the old dude.


It’s very sad that you killed Alfred.
We miss you Alfred! RIP


Ricardo Sir Why R U asking about the old app. R U second guessing ur decision
… Remember to always listen to ur gut instinct… And like Coke or Pepsi never change a good thing or fix something thats not broken… And if u bring back the old app please let me no…And keep up the good work…