Just had an update which professes to bring "Zoom" to the proletariat, ...Lies!

I have Alfred “free” on my PC’s and iPads as “Viewer”.
I have a Samsung S3 as my camera.

Yesterday I was given an “Android TV Box” and thought install Alfred on it so that I can see my camera in all its glorious 40 inches!
What a good idea!

Immediately it was installed all I could see was a narrow strip about a quarter of the screen width which looked like a phone screen, …can’t be sure as all I could see of it was a bit less than half!
REALLY helpful!

I suspect that was a “Camera” installation screen and there was no possible way to select the option of installing a VIEWER instead.
It would have been appropriate since the “Android TV Box” is simply that, a box which gives your TV access to the wonderful world of Android, … it doesn’t magically install a camera!

Next, I was told there was an update available which I stupidly installed, …it professed to avail we, the down trodden penniless proletariat of the much vaunted “Zoom” capability hitherto reserved for those with the funds to afford such a luxury!

What did said update do I hear you ask, …absolutely zilch!

Searching for this elusive update on a “proper PC”, I cannot find it at all!

Just what is going on at Alfred Towers?

I am suffering constant irritations, first, my S3 phone which was equipped with a brand new battery just 4 months ago now lasts just 30 minutes without the charger attached, I’m sure this is because Alfred has a mental breakdown if I attach the charger to a timer allowing it 8hrs in 24 to replenish what’s used!

The dratted app on my iPads insist that I view the blessed camera in Portrait only, …WHY?

I receive little or no useful help from the staff here, apologies to “Pinky Free User”, who went above and beyond on the subject of rooting my old Wildfire S.

I am fast coming to the realisation that Alfred is little more than a method of burning out old phones whilst causing the user a variety of problems just to confound the poor saps whilst it goes about it’s destructive business!


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