Is Your Security Camera Secure?

hacked security camera

Is your security camera secure? After discovering, we really wouldn’t be so sure!

Imagine this: your security camera feed could be accessible to literally everybody around the world! Isn’t that shocking?!

Just to clarify things a little, these cameras aren’t “hacked.” The owners simply never changed the password. If you know the standard password of a certain security cam model, you can gain access to the feed. The same most probably goes to many pet monitors and baby cams!

In comparison, Alfred is a much better choice! Besides all the security measures we have taken, your Gmail account also does a lot of the work.

Read more about Alfred’s security measures here:

Don’t forget to keep your Gmail password close to your heart! Moreover, keep your eyes peeled for our new Android update, which offers your account enhanced protection!

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My Alfred cams were both compromised. They could override my settings, as well as, send me a non live stream. The only way I could change was by uninstalling and reinstalling. Very alarming and disappointing.


Hi @ohanley007007,

Thank you for reaching out!

What you described seems like a technical impossibility to us. Could you let us know why you think this happened? Also, would you be able to send us a clip or two so we can help you figure things out?

We take security concerns very seriously. Any extra information you could provide would be much appreciated.


That fact that you can make it work again by simply reinstalling it means the access was not hacked by anyone. Are you saying someone hacked into your phone and changed the Alfred setting? Then it has nothing to do with the Alfred app.


HI Sunny,

Coming back to my post from several months ago;
First, let me just say I have bought several big name and small name security system/or camera is Alfred. It has been and still is my favorite security option due to the usability(flash on or off, night vision ‘choice,’ camera front or rear, speaker…etc. oh and the lack of cost!!!) I have yet to find another that i like as much, even when paying absurd amounts of money for. So what appears to have happened was that my wifi (router) had been hacked. With that, apparently ‘the bad guys’ can then find their way through your many accounts via gaining access to your passwords or with those in the ‘know how’ with bit-tokens in a developer type role. I then had my apps switched out with ‘developer modified’ apps, using open source development as a front. Pretty lame huh?! It wasn’t fun at all, if those folks used their skills for good, I’m certain they could do some great things, instead i started finding thing I own for sale on let go and craigslist, yet the items would not be gone until they sold online, they would then disappear from my property within a few days. There you go, I just saved anyone reading this several long months of complete frustration if you ever end up having dealings with these ‘new school’ criminals!!! Don’t let them fool you.
Thanks again Sunny and Alfred!!!


I apologize for my lack of details, I actually pulled out my sd card, restarted the phone, created a hotspot off my cellular for that security camera/ old phone, removed the Alfred app then (what was at the time,) securely reinstalled Alfred, double checked it was the current version. That only lasted maybe a week tops before it also became buggy slow response, missing movement captures etc.

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So what do you advise to do so thos does not happen to any one else ?Better router pass word?I did not know they could get access to your pass words through the router.

1 Like why advertise such a website. It’s okay having a screen shot but linking to the site itself is a bit questionable. The cameras featured on the site can be very secure but the lack of knowledge and lack of reading instructions is where the problem lays.with the owner/installer.
This is what makes Alfred so good he is very secure almost impenetrable unless you are careless with your Gmail password. The best advice I can give is place your camera where if you are unfortunate enough to get hacked any system don’t give them anything to look at.

Nothing to look at here, move on…
If you have any DVR IP camera system make sure you have changed the admin password and also disable UDP and/or change to a non standard port.

Every camera has a back door ok so if you don’t want people to see what your seeing get hard wired cameras good luck I’m Glade you have learnt something today so have a lovely day

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Even wired cameras can be hacked unless they are on a closed circuit. But I guess that’s what you mean.

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is it possible that alfred could get copy of video from my account? not all the time the camera will catch a bad guy, right? most of the time are we, the users. how about some censored seen inside my house? will you keep copy of that. then suddenly get viral on other media flatform

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Is the flatform you are referring to fooutube ?

Well now… you would have one hell of a lawsuit if that happened would’nt you. Not only for privacy infringement but also using your footage and likeness without your consent!!


I almost started my question(s) here in this thread because it almost seems appropriate. But I think this subject is so important that it has a life of its own in my circumstance. So I’m starting a new thread.

The same question has arised in my mind before buying a security camera for my house. I said the same to one of my friends who have installed a security camera in his house very recently. He told me about Arlo Camera which provides HD Smart home security means after installation of the camera, one can install arlo app for pc or in mobile to operate it. Moreover, it also has motion detection features and it is completely weatherproof.

IOT can never be :100: percent secure. Just don’t put your camera in living spaces. Just cover exterior and entrances and main thoroughfare.


My mobile security app says Alfred is unsafe as it can download other apps without permission and without your knowledge

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Did you download Alfred from the official site ?
Which App tells you that Alfred is unsafe ?

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Hard wired to a hard drive that’s not hocked up on line or one on and one off line

They are all available on line but if I was to ever lose the internet or WiFi I still have a camera recording locally.

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