Is there a way we can hide the app on the phone that is recording?

I want to see if there’s a way I can hide the app on the phone that does all the recording . Bc we hence u log in on the camera it shows what the camera is recording and.that’s what I want to hide. I wanna basically make it look like I never download the app


Hi @deealfaro1713,

Thank you for reaching out!

Alfred is not meant to be a spy app. If you press OK, the screen of the Camera Phone will go dim. However, that is as inconspicuous as it can be.

You can check out Alfred’s 100 Poses album and find inspiration for disguising the Camera Phone tho!

Hope this helps!

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Me 2. This would sooooo help. Any luck??i know discussing an alternative is not good on here. But if u found out how to do this or an “alternative” pls let me know. mail… sand_dmon at hotmail.cum. L0Г

Yes… go on phone were you want this hidden… tab and hold on alfred icon on top where notifications are at… it will go to phone app settings were you can hidde notification hidde app or permission for anything

For android only