Is the motion detection more sensitive with Premium?


I am trying to capture video of the animal that is burrowing under my porch using an HTC EVO4G. The camera is mounted inside the house and shooting the area of interest 3’ away. The animal definitely left the den and returned last night but no events were captured.The porch was reasonably well lit and the sensitivity set to high.

If I upgrade to Premium to receive HD video does that also increase the sensitivity of the motion detection?

If not, can I capture the all the video to a file and scan it myself to see the animal?



Hi @atweir,

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The moving object’s size, speed, and color all have something to do with the accuracy of Motion Detection. If the animal in question is small and fast, or if it blends into the background really well, it is possible for Motion Detection not to be triggered.

We took a quick look at the logs and saw that your Motion Detection Reminder is enabled. Motion Detection Reminder prompts you to turn Motion Detection OFF when your devices share the same network. In your case, you might want to disable it:

If you don’t want your Viewer Phone to be buzzing on the night stand in the middle of the night, you can turn notifications off or mute them:

If you need further assistance, a photo of your setup as well as the area you are trying to monitor, or even a link to an Event might be helpful.

Keep us posted!