iPhone that is used as camera goes offline when I leave the vicinity


The extra iPhone 6 Plus I have that is used as a camera will work perfectly fine on both the camera and viewer iPhone 8 Plus while I am at the house within range of the same router, however, as soon as I leave the house… my camera (on the viewer side) says it is offline. And when I look at the IPhone 6 that is being used as the camera, it will have “offline” on the screen. I am also using guided access on the camera phone 6 Plus , specifically so that it can’t exit Alfred camera without the passcode first. Whether I leave the screen lit up or click Alfred’s power save mode, it still goes offline when I leave. Even when I turn off guided access, the problem still persists. Please help!!
Both Alfred apps are up to date on camera and viewer.
Camera phone6 plus is not on latest iOS update but the problem has been going on for longer than that.

App version is current 858 on both
iOS is also current on viewer device (8 plus) but iPhone 6 Plus (camera is not latest iOS update)



Thanks for reporting the issue!

We have received some users reporting that there is a bug with Guided Access on iOS 12. If you enable Guided Access on a device running on iOS 12, it would fall asleep in about 20 minutes.

We have come up with a new mechanism to prevent this from happening and will add it to our next version. Before that, would you please try to disable Guided Access and see if the disconnection issue persists?

Also, please avoid pressing home button or power key after you set up Camera in the future. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner. In the meantime, please try disable the notification setting from other applications and dismiss them in the background.

Please stay tuned to the next update!


Well I’m also having trouble with my sisters wanting to come in and grab this phone to use when I’m not home and my parents will be gone too. So I need the guided access to remain on so that the phone can not be unlocked. Have you all thought to add your own lock code capability? So that way someone can’t just walk up to the phone and unlock it with no problems and switch the viewer to delete any evidence!!! I’d say that makes a security camera a whole lot less secure. I am very unsatisfied with this issue. My family takes care of children in foster care, so some of them can be a handful to put it nicely. And we are not allowed to have cell phones accessible to them. So this creates multiple issues since the camera is supposed to be security for an entire room containing items that they are not allowed to have in their possession. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon!! Because this could cause a world of problems. Most importantly being the children’s safety. Both phones are up to date now with latest ios and application updates. The problem I encountered this last time was actually my power cord not being Apple brand so since guided access was off, the notification was the issue. I will let you know as soon as I can after I get it on it’s correct charger.



We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We have updated Alfred on App Store today to fix this issue. Please go to our App Store page and update Alfred to the latest version. (build 870)

You can enable Guided Access now to protect your iPhone:

We will also look into the possibility of adding passcode lock to our iOS version. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Even after doing the update for Alfred, with guided access on, My camera will still go offline on both ends. Seems to be fine if I don’t use guided access and only use the power saving mode that Alfred offers. But that’s only if my camera/phone doesn’t receive any notifications. I will turn off all notifications next time and hopefully something will be figured out for the guided access, Alfred users.


Just wanted to let you all know that the guided access functionality will still put the phone being used as a camera, to sleep and disconnect after about 30 minutes. All notifications have been turned off and I’ve made sure to


Hi Laurel,

Thanks for keeping us posted! We have noticed another error regarding to the Guided Access and completely fixed it in our next version. It will be available on App Store very soon. Please stay tuned to the updates!

Before that, you can

  1. Keep the Guided Access OFF, and tap on the lock icon after you set up the Camera
  2. Keep the Guided Access ON, and leave the screen on without tapping on the lock icon

From our experience, option 1 is more stable. Please give it a try and let us know if you find out anything!


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