iPhone SE: want Alfred to record motion events


I’m using an iPhone SE as a camera. I’m on iOS 12. I installed Alfred on it about a week ago, so whatever that version was in app store. If you’ll forgive me, I don’t want to disconnect my phone from its elaborate positioning. I am a paid subscriber.
I want Alfred to record all motion events and when it sends me a notification, I want it to play that motion event. Please explain how to do that because that was the whole point of this setup and I am not getting that at all.

Thanks kindly.

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Since iPhone SE is an iOS device, please try to enable Guided Access to prevent disconnections. You can check out how here:

Furthermore, we see that you’ve already enabled Motion Detection on your Camera. You should be able to receive notification as long as the notification setting has been turned on. You do not have to keep Alfred running on your Viewer Phone. Please check out more here: How do I set up notifications?

Hope it helps!