iPhone screen shutting off


Hi everyone,

I’m running alfred on an iPhone 5s and I have setup guided access and in settings set the phone to never sleep but within an hour I get the 7007 error and when I look at the screen it’s gone black. Pressing the home button brings the screen back on and then I can connect to it. Is there another setting I’m missing?

All latest updates added.

Thank you.


So I thought I’d look into this a little further. I’ve restored the camera iPhone and updated it (it did have an unknown update)

Guided access enabled
Sleep setting to never

After 10 minutes screen goes black and 7007 on viewer phone.

What a waste of a night that was!!

Any help would be appreciated


When I press the home button the screen instantly comes back on and 7007 goes away and viewing is back on!

There’s got to be an easy fix to this if anyone knows it.

Thank you.


Any suggestions anyone. Had the day yesterday messing with it. Definitely going to sleep even tho never is selected.



Please make sure you have set up the Guided Access as below:

And set the Auto-Lock to Never on your iOS Camera.

The issue should be fixed afterward. Let us know if you need further assistance!