Iphone goes offline after a day or more



Very frustrating… after a few days Iphone 4S goes offline. If I check the phone, nothing is wrong and I can start Alfred again. But I have to by phsycally there! And I miss a day of guarding.

I updated the app some weeks ago. Updated today again. Please let me know what else to do.
No other programs are running. Guided access is on.
Device Model Name: Iphone 4S
OS Version: 9.3.5 (13G36)
AppVersion: 1.11.3 (since today - previous version update a 3 or 4 weeks ago)

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We’re sorry for what you have experienced. This is a known bug and our engineering team is working hard to fix it. Please ensure you have enabled Guided Access to prevent disconnections caused by app crash.

Hope it helps! Please stay tuned to the next update.


Hi just to input here. To kind of counter this issue I discovered an app called “Team Viewer/ Host”.

This app allows you to dedicate your camera(HOST) to be accessed and controlled at any time from your (team)viewer. It has been very very helpful. Also disabling all the camera’s notifications for any other apps.
Whenever Alfred starts having a hiccup I open team viewer, restart Alfred and it works Fine again.

I hope the is helpful to your Particular problem.