iPhone 4 on IOS 7.1.2 - can't update to IOS8


Hi - I have an iPhone 4 as above stuck on IOS 7 - the app seems to require IOS 8 or above - is there a workaround or is this device not going to be compatible? Seems odd when the whole point is to utilise old Smartphones…


Same problem here. I don’t think there’s a workaround, they need to put out a new version that’s compatible with iOS 7, which they really should to live up to their advertising.


So I downloaded this stupid app for nothing, lol. Meanwhile they probably have all of the information they wanted from my phone anyway…
I’ll rate the app accordingly


Hi Steven,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Alfred is compatible with devices running iOS 8 and up, so the oldest model we support for the moment is iPhone 4s. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you can find an old Android device (running Android 2.3 and up), it is 100% compatible with iOS ones!

On the other hand, your privacy and information security are our top priorities. All your live feed and footage are transmitted directly from the Camera to the Viewer, protected by your Google account. In other words, keeping your Gmail password safe is a great start!

You can read more about our extra security measures here:

Hope this helps!


Here’s my issue I’ve never used an iPhone until this week it’s an iPhone 4 or 5 and Scott iOS 7.1.2 and I have no clue how to update it I tried updated and do nothing I heard you had to pay for the update that iTunes is anyone know if this is true


Same issue here. It would be nice if you’d offer a scaled-down camera-only app for older iOS. Please!! I have several of these old phones which would be perfect cameras.

(Sorry Braeden - in Settings/Update it says no update available because Apple cuts off old devices from later updates; they hope you’ll keep buying new devices)