Introducing Person Detection. Powered by Artificial Intelligence Technology!


Alfred’s mission has always been integrating artificial intelligence into everyday life and fulfilling security at everyone’s fingertips. After several months of research and development, we can finally announce Person Detection, a smarter algorithm which can tell if the object triggering Motion Detection is a human being!

Why Do I Need This Feature?

Are you tired of receiving notifications of light changes, clouds, and moving trees? Do you want to be notified immediately when a stranger passes by your Camera? If so, you’d definitely love this feature!

By switching to Person Detection mode, the brand new algorithm will record human movements specifically. In other words, Alfred will send you notifications only when a person is detected by the Camera.

Technology behind Person Detection.

In order to improve the quality of Motion Detection and give our users a better experience, our engineering team uses artificial intelligence technology to create a machine learning model. The self-learning model is able to judge the characteristics of human movement by its artificial neural network which is constantly evolving.

After a long period of training, our newly developed algorithm can now identify if the object captured in the image is human. We will also continue to optimize the performance of the algorithm to provide the most accurate Person Detection model in the security cameras market!

And to achieve that, we truly need your help! If you find the Person Detection mode recording video which has no person in it, or incomplete video which stops recording when the person is still moving, please report the video to us so that we can improve the quality of our model accordingly.

Doesn’t that sound cool? Try it out now!


Android iOS
App Version 4.2.0+ 2.0.0+
OS version Android 5.0+ iOS 9+
Camera version 2.0 X
CPU X 64 bit
OpenGL-ES 3.0+ X
Chipset non Intel X

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