Injustice at its finest all caught on video by Alfred

I had major conflicts with a neighbor. A vile human being I thought of her. She confirmed my assumption of her character by contacting the authorities and making false allegations against me. When the police showed up and banged on every door and window of our families home so much that it made the house shutter we became frightened and opened the door. No warrant or any Substantiated charges. Luckily Alfred had my back and had the whole incident on video it captured not only the police and their overbearing power authority lack of due diligence in the absence of a warrants in the unconstitutional actions of entering the house without a warrant needless to say I went to court and the judge dismissed my case because of that video so thank you so much to the developers of this wonderful app

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How do I start my camera to run

Turn your phone that your using as a camera on and set it as camera. The device you want to view from make sure it’s set as view and it finds it automatically