Images that aren't there


Why is there images of other people and things. when I use my filtered light option. Can say that this is not intentional but these images too much of a coincidence that a figure of a person laying on top of my wife while she is in bed doesn’t look so coincidental I have many screenshots of similar things I can be in one room seeing things that aren’t there in the Next Room . Please explain hard to have security if you’re seeing things that aren’t really there


You know, I’m getting the same, even more. Doorways in the floor, what appears to be etherial like things engaged in a variety of activities, some it seems x rated. Kind of spooky if you ask me. Thing is photographing ghosts or something, things vibrating at a different frequency. Very strange indeed. Up until reading your question I thought I’d had been hallucinating.


This is a major concern, if I use this for security reasons how can I rely on a system that shows people when they’re not really there. Also I have seen them blur out stuff purposely. And most of the images that are seen are X-rated. And I paid for the premium and I expect a reliable app for security


Images that are x-rated? What’s the problem, now…be serious. If you are…why can’t that happen on my “security system”?


Hey Josh…is it really you’re wife? Undeniable? You do know there is a time delay sometimes, right? Maybe you just missed your opportunity to an easy divorce. Sorry. Bad joke.


Hi @joshlouricas,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Home security has always been the major concern to Alfred! Does this situation only happen when you activate night vision mode? Could you send us some screenshots to after you enable low-light filter so we can look into it for you? Keep us posted!