I'm paying for Alfred Premium but still see ads and no HD. Also does it cover only one email?


I see ads every time I view Alfred on my PC or phone even though the $ comes off my bank account. Also, the picture remains blurry. Where exactly do I see the benefits of paying for Premium. Another question is who gets the benefits of Premium? In our case the account is set up under my name to monitor an elderly relative. Two other siblings sometimes check the camera. Are each of them also expected to pay the extra $4 to avoid the ads and get HD? I asked this question in an email to Alfred earlier but got no reply. Thank you.


Hi @hartfjohn,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

From what we can see, you do have an active Alfred Premium subscription on this account (hartfjohn). Would you be able to show us a screenshot of the ads you see so we can look into it for you?

Alfred’s upgrade is tied to the account. If your siblings are added to the Trust Circle (in other words, logging in with their own Gmail accounts), they are using the free version.

Hope this helps! Please keep me posted about the ads so I can make things right for you!


I assumed those who looked at the camera would be covered by Alfred Premium, not just the one. It seems overpriced for a family that helps look in on a camera. Having people switch their gmail logins would be technically challenging for some. The ads were appearing because of this. I do see an ad about upgrading and every time I open it there is this message “turn on notifications?” without the option “never show this again”. I sure like to stay away from Alfred notifications. Today, I again got into one of the most irritating loops where on the Android Phone I got the message the charger is unplugged. As soon as I would close it, it was back. It also blocked me from getting to the app.Eventually I shut the app down. I hope I turned off all notifications now. And the charger actually was on. I sent an email on the subject of screen name but didn’t get a reply. Thank you


Hi @hartfjohn,

There is a way for everyone to get upgraded without everyone getting access to your Gmail. Could you create a new account, give everyone the login, and email us so that we can transfer your membership to this new account? Would this do?

The “ad” you see isn’t an ad at all. It is the equivalent of the cell at the bottom of the app that you see. We will look into making it possible to collapse the cell, just like what it is in the app. Please stay tuned!

We have modified the mechanism in the WebViewer in the meantime. Now, after clicking on “maybe later,” Alfred won’t ask whether you want to turn notifications on again.

We never found the email that you sent, but here is what we think: some phones have a mechanism that stops overcharging. Once the battery reaches 100%, it stops charging briefly. Alfred picks up on that and sends you notifications. Please disable battery notifications so this won’t happen again:

Hope this helps!


Could you tell me the steps to create a new account? I don’t understand how one logs in other than with their email. Thank you


Hi @hartfjohn,

What I meant is if you create a new Google account, make everybody log in with the new account, then let us know the new account you guys are all using, we can transfer the membership to that address.

That way, everybody will enjoy the benefits of Alfred Premium!

Hope this helps.


That would be a hassle. I had to spend much time with some not so computer savvy getting this going. If you pay the recurring fee it should be possible for any in the circle to login with a password without going through all this Google nonsense. Speaking of Google accounts I’d also like to say it’s a bad practice to use peoples email addresses on this forum instead of screen names. At the least, It’s an open invitation to spam but worse since people have their cameras connected to google accounts it could present further problems of privacy.


Hi @hartfjohn,

Thank you for your reply.

Alfred adopts Google login, and the upgrade is tied to one specific email address. This has been made clear to you prior to the upgrade. The only way for everyone in your Trust Circle to go ad-free is having them switch to the same account.

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on making it possible for users to be able to change their usernames. Please stay tuned.