IFTTT and Wink smart home Integration



Оk. Intresting )(())))))))))))))


Hey all.
I haven’t read all the posts but will there be a ifttt integration?? I’d love to get this for checking my 3d printer :slight_smile:
A personalized mail would be enough. Ifttt can handle them and trigger actions.
Then a detection that is configureable would also make sense


Hi @3dprntr,

Thank you for reaching out!

We are looking into IFTTT, but I can’t promise when that will be a reality just yet! We do have users setting up Alfred to check out their 3D printers tho. Do you think you might be able to do that while you wait for the feature?


Reading this thread that started last year Jan 2016 IFTTT is an important addition.
Triggers to activate night vision, camera light or motion detection basic features. We who are trying to adopt Alfred for home security or general keeping an eye on stuff, this feature is fairly important and puts Alfred into mainstream home automation space.
Giving us the ability to reuse old cell phone and automating it reliably you can also put out a FAQ to promote this feature once ready, I am sure it will take off once people have a clear one pager that tells them how to use IFTTT with Alfred to automate.
I hope you can promise and commit to cover IFTTT use cases. FYI when I tell my friend and colleagues enthusiasts about Alfred the first question was does it support IFTTT.


Another user interested in the potential of having Alfred work with IFTTT or smart home devices. This would be absolutely amazing in bring Alfred’s home security cameras functionality into a home automation suite.


I’ve been waiting hopefully 16 months ): ¿any news?


Hey @meny.mothafu,

Thanks for checking in with Alfred!

We are looking into integrating Alfred with Google Home/Amazon Echo. It’ll take a while but hopefully it’ll be done soon!

Will keep you posted!


Hello! Also asking to how this is developing. Anxious for IFTTT ingratiation. Seeing this started in January 16. Almost 2 years ago. Where is this on the road map? Is it still on the road map?


Hi @rmcsonic,

Thank you for reaching out!

Great timing: Alfred will soon support Google Assistant (and possibly other voice assistants in the future).

Do you think you might find this helpful? We’d love you to try it when the feature becomes available and keep us posted!


I’m not sure if it would be helpful or not. I guess it depends on the supported functions. I’m not sure it really solves the IFTTT support thing. The only input you can do right now with Google assistant via IFTTT is a text phrase. So that doesn’t do much on that front. The point of the IFTTT functions would be to base a recipe action directly on something like a motion detection, connectivity loss of a cam, audio detection, etc to trigger something like an email, or a light to come on, or a siren to sound. Or vise versa where something would trigger a cam function like when a third-party IR motion detector picks up movement, start a record on the cam, or when a door sensor is tripped - start up motion detection on the cam.

Simply being able to tell my google assistant to “Turn on motion detection on Stairway Cam” is convenient, but I don’t think it is what a lot of us on this tread were hoping for.


Any update on IFTTT integration? The main draw of integration with IFTTT specifically is the automation it would allow. Google Assistant and Alexa support is a great base functionality for Alfred as it allows a convenient way to turn off and on motion detection via voice or text but it is still done manually, and so I think misses the point of the IFTTT request two years ago. The thing about a security system type of setup is that many people would like to just set and forget and only have interaction with the system when it detects activity that shouldn’t be happening.


Anything new on IFTTT? I would really need it so motion detection could trigger some actions. It could be premium function :wink:


Hello a note one the integration with IFTTT would be nice. Or even using Stringify due to being more advanced. I use Samsung Smartthings. I would like to have it see when myself and family members leave and arm the motion detection when it arms my home. Any idea when these ideas will be taken into effect?


Hello, im interesting in IFTTT integration too.
How is going?


My camera would work


IFTTT would be great, but Google Hub integration would be really useful, along with options for alerts and notices.