IFTTT and Wink smart home Integration



Would it be possible to integrate Alfred to IFTTT for potential turning on camera motion detection or to send alerts through other means. This could also be useful for integrating with smart home products like Wink.

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You must be really tech-savvy to want to integrate Alfred to IFTTT. Are you using IFTTT now? Any recipe that you’d think really useful and share with us? Are you using Wink? Do you like it?

You mentioned “send alerts through other means”. Can you be more specific? Do you prefer email or text messages? If yes, may we know why?

Thank you!


I’ve been using Wink for about 6 months now and IFTTT for about a year. I like the ability to turn on and off lights to check on rooms when I’m not at home and also keeping tabs on my cat. One feature I would like is the ability to turn on lights within the Alfred App instead of having to bounce back and forth between apps. There’s an app called Perch that already integrates this feature but reliability, of the app with cameras staying online, isn’t there.

With IFTTT, One recipe I use is a Jawbone Up with Wink so when I go to bed I have Wink turn off the lights and turn on motion sensors for nightlights. One feature I would like with Alfred is to turn on motion sensing. Or use geolocation to turn on motion sensing when leaving.

With IFTTT, you can have it send notifications via email, text or call. I like the general notifications with the status bar but sometimes with few of my apps, it doesn’t show all the notifications in the status bar so an Email comes in handy.


Have to say this would be good a feature, and surprised Alfred does not have a trigger, did look when first got Alfred.

Best integration with IFTTT would be via the ‘If’ Command as it would allow maximum impact and integration of other facilities. That way it could be used to trigger a variety of functions like sms, emails, home automation. and link into all the other functions and facilities.

Would be great if you can work this out. Though you will need to chat to IFTTT.


Hey Dan, thanks for sharing the insight! Turning lights off by Jawbone is really cool! I’m very curious that does it work 100% time? Would the lights go off when you laying on a couch? …:stuck_out_tongue:

We have some priority works to be done in this quarter. But I guess in Q2 we will have some time to work on connecting smart devices. IFTTT has been planned.

Since Alfred 968(Android), a “smart mode” for motion detection is added. Our cloud sends you push notification to turn on/off motion detection when you leave/enter the WiFi network where Alfred camera locates. Do you feel this convenient? Next step we will automate it without asking you every time. Do you think it’s better to use geo-fensing?



Since the CEO says so, we can now proudly put this out


Just to drop a note here .

Our cloud sends you push notification to turn on/off motion detection when you leave/enter the WiFi network where Alfred camera locates.

Auto would be better as not always getting the message, or due to quirks of range as leaving getting notification halfway down street. It is also has the issue of older members wondering what it is. Geo-Fencing would be a good move, and as it also relates to IFTTT would be a good add-in.



I use a jawbone up move so I have to hold it for about 2-3 seconds for it to activate. So far I haven’t had it activate when I’ve been on the couch or other situations. But when I do active it it has worked 100% to turn off the lights. I also use the amazon echo which does a nice job integrating voice commands to turn on lights or other commands.

The smart mode has been really hit or miss for me… A lot of the times it gets buried under Alfred notifications or my phone doesn’t latch on to the correct WiFi. Since I have both a 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz with different names. Geofenceing may help but keep in the area should be large enough to account for drift other wise it will want to activate or deactivate all the time.




Good point!!! Thank you for the insights.


Hi Dan,

thanks for the feedback! Actually smart mode still works even camera and viewer connect to different WiFi bands (2.4G/5G). As long as the internet gateway is the same, Alfred can know the viewer is entering/leaving the local area network. We know that we need to automate the motion detection on/off soon. Using geo data helps the accuracy. In next release we are going to add some more permission requests regarding location service. We hope we can make motion detection more easily to use soon!


Dan, I would love to turn the lights on in the den when Alfred detects motion. One way I could do this is with and Alfred channel on IFTTT where a motion event in Alfred is an if trigger. Once triggered, IFTTT would execute a recipe that tells my Smartthings hub to start a routine.


alfred in ifttt would be amazing!!!


Any update on the progress of IFTTT integration?


Should we be concerned about the lack of activity in the forums?


Oh, @Thom_Thomas

We are always reachable here, although we have been busy with the new update recently. After the release, I’ll spend more time at Alfred Center. I promise


I’m burning up my batteries so I hooked Alfred cameras to SmartThings outlet and when battery level reaches 15% I turn the outlet on using IFTTT. I would like to shut the outlet off 20min after fully charged based on Alfred’s input. Right now the outlet is set to a 3hr timer. Plus, being able to turn the lights/siren on/off based on motion would be a fantastic!


I am also interested in IFTTT integration so I can use Alfred in conjunction with other security devices/ security settings on my Smartthings hub. I would be interested in using the motion detection, enabling/ disabling notifications, and potentially sending a picture or video.

Regarding Smartmode, I had to turn it off due to the number of notifications. If Alfred integrates with IFTTT, we could help write rules that fit our routines to enable/ disable (ie: geofencing, time of day, receipt of a specific email or txt…it’s a long list)


I second this. I’ll be using in conjunction with other security devices and having this integration would make adoption of Alfred more appealing.


I’d like to 100th suggested for IFTTT and something like Amazon Alexa or Wink… It would be awesome to aggment the on network detection with voice commands. While I’m sleeping I’d like motion but will still be on the same network. It could be used for so much more, Alexa record clip… now I’ve got a voice based video recording. Alexa is anyone viewing my cameras? Alexa what are the status of my cameras? We all know that using our phones as something other than phones was the next step and the next one from there is voice / home automation integration. With IFTTT, motion detected, play music, turn on lights. Pet monitoring, motion detected, IFTTT feed dog. Can go on and on.


With the maker channel an adition to IFTTT then devices like Kankuns and network switches are really in their own as movement can be use from the phone to trigger other things like lights with an IFTTT tie in, still would also be nice to have a separate network trigger from Alfred for Home integration like to add a menu function to allow users on the camera side to trigger a network command on a set port. This would the allow those that work with Open Source home automation systems like OpenHab to be able to pull the cameras motion command to trigger other functions on a unique basis.

And as one muted before something like a bluetooth switch trigger would allow Alfred to be used by elderly relatives who can use it for piece of mind if they fall, press bluetooth switch on person and camera switches on and alert sent.