If the forum dead?

I see a lot of messages with some kind of trouble with an answer from users with names like “43437964682c”, “87479282c” but no answers from the support.
I recall that the support was quite fast until some months ago.
Time to drop Alfred ?

Alfred has opted for a non committal forum which basically means that they don’t want to pay anyone anything to sort out troublesome users issues, I mean who would ? For any direct contact you need to use the standard issue report button and hope someone will reply. I agree it’s hard to maintain interest in a forum with no admin or moderators. It’s also hard to help users who can’t even post a question properly. So time to abandon ship ?

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Nope. All fine here :slight_smile:

I don’t think so!
I am using Alfred since a couple of years and I recall that the support team was very quickly to reply to the problems.
Now I don’t get any answer to my post.
(and, al least here, Alfred is not reilable like it was in the beginning!)