If a phone I am not in possession of suddenly opens cam for live feed does that mean that specific phone reconnected to my home network? First time its EVER was online since I gave it set.ned to my



It’s an old phone I installed Alfred on that doesn’t have data service. I have it to son when he moved out and never once until that evening did it send me any kind of notification. So I really really need to know if that means he was here that evening and the phone automatically reconnected to my home Wi-Fi thus activating the motion sensor on Alfred. Or will the Alfred app reactivite if connected to ANY data connection? I find the latter unlikely
Unlikely b/c its unlikely he hasn’t been connected to Wi-Fi since he moved out weeks ago. Its an zte phone. An old blink free phone. That has text and talk. I’ve had no connectivity or viewing issues with either my viewer phone or my many camera phones. But i carry 2 phones with me and one is viewer and one is cam as well as several phones left at home as cameras. I am almost positive the camera that is always with me has never sent a notification while outside my home network even when its been connected to another outside network

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following informatio

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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@eatmyazz80 for an Alfred camera device to send any notification the device needs to be ON, the device needs to have Alfred running, the device needs to be connected to any type of internet connection be it data or through WiFi.


@pinky-free-user is right, but to troubleshoot further as to your questions you are correct on all accounts. Even the unlikely suggestion you made, I believe is what happened here… Your son went to a friends house, turned it on before he left door and WiFi range, or coffee shop with WiFi access point, and your Alfred is set to relaunch on phone startup. Thus once he connected to internet spot, it sent motion alerts.

So you were correct, but the moment Alfred smells the internet (Onsite/Offsite), Alfred tries logging in and it would send a motion alert from the phone accessing internet with Alfred actively logged in. So you should know at least what phone sent you the alert…

Now the real burning question that might solve the conundrum…

What was the alert video/image of? Black Screen with sound/no sound (In his pocket)

Was audio enabled, did you hear anyone?

What was the date/time stamp on the alert sent to you?