Idea: Using 2 cameras same time (front and rear)

Dear Alfred,
My idea comes from the real scenario when I’m setting up 2 phones in my house. One phone has the front to the outside of the front door and the rear to the inside of the house, and one phone has the front to the backyard and the rear to the kitchen.
I have to switch between 2 cameras of 2 phones all of the time depending on my routine (like leaving home or coming back home at night).
The idea is somehow able to use up the front and rear camera of the phone for more efficient security. The result might be 2 screen stand side by side when we choose the device. By this way, we will have double of the scene and double of motion detection and obviously, double of the security.
I wish your engineers could get this idea or might be they are thinking about this or already working on it and hope to see this feature in the nearest future.

I added a photo for my idea below.

Best Regard

Vu Pham


Sounds nice but a phone probably can’t handle that kind of load. Would you normally be able to use both the front and back camera simultaneously?


I think it’s not that heavy that the phone couldn’t load. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 released in 2014 (5 years ago) could record video both camera together.

It’s a hardware issue as I have mentioned before. Phones have only one GPU and Android doesn’t allow natively for security reasons. Samsung did have it but used it’s own proprietary software.

I think this is a fantastic idea. It isnt difficult to switch from front to rear camera…& it’s Instant. I just want to say I really appreciate this idea, and I look forward to seeing this is happen. This is something to truly look into. There’s always a way. Especially now. I wonder being that it is so easily switched front to rear mode(manually) Maybe Alfred or “we” can at least find a way to have the motion detection capture each side simultaneously while we’re away etc. Hope this makes sense. Great idea!:slightly_smiling_face:

What about a shoe, that’s also a plane?

I just invented that.