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What are the three icons at the bottom of the camera screen for, one is a lock.?

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Hey Rick,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Below are what those three icons indicate:

Left: Switch to front/rear camera
Middle: Turn on/off Motion Detection
Right: Enable power-saving mode (lock the phone)

Hope this helps! Do you think the buttons look very confusing?


Just chiming in, but I was also drawing a blank when I first started using the app. It’s less confusing than it is ambiguous when you don’t have any context or experience with the the UI. I would suggest maybe adding an echo descriptor on long-press? That seems to be becoming a common convention these days.


Thanks for the suggestion, Harrison. Apart from the buttons on Camera’s side, do you also find other places with confusing buttons/instructions?


Aside from that, three other things come to mind but you’ll have to forgive me if I’m not precisely remembering as I’m not able to access and replicate on a device at the moment, so this is based upon my recollection:

  1. When setting up “new” device on camera mode, there’s a 3-bullet message popup on the bottom of the screen that introduces setup suggestions and features available like power save. You kind of get the feeling it should go away eventually – whether allowing you to dismiss it directly, or by performing the suggested actions – but not only are you not able to dismiss it, even while minimized it still takes up screen space and “reminds” you constantly of the features (it’s like playing a game that never lets you turn off or leave Tutorial Mode).
  2. I know I can see on one of my tablets lens options like night vision and etc. when accessing from the browser, but not from the device itself. My wife claims it’s there somewhere but I remember I spent a good amount of time and didn’t see any obvious icon or toggle that opened those options up from the device’s app UI directly.
  3. The different tiers of upgrades aren’t very intuitive or distinguishable at a cursory first glance, which again is only a temporary inconvenience for new users not familiar with the app yet (or skim readers); but that’s a bit…how should I put it…? image
    Maybe rather than building a potentially misleading connotation between them in the end-user’s mind with the shared “upgrade” label, refer to them independently as modular “add-ons” or “extensions” that can be purchased? In fact, one of them would really more aptly be called a “subscription” service / perk rather than an “upgrade”; canonically, upgrades implicitly refer to improvements of a more permanent nature that aren’t attached with conditions like “expiration” or recurrent billing status.

Those are my personal and candid impressions, I hope that’s constructive and helpful?


Thanks, Harrison. These ideas are very helpful!

For the second issue you mentioned, are you trying to enable Low-Light Filter or Flashlight on your Camera phone? For now, you can only find those switches on your Viewer phone.

As for the other issues, we are currently discussing it with our User Experience team. We might have further questions for you. Please keep in touch!