I would love a URL to live feeds of each of my Alfred cameras


I am building a SmartTiles console for my SmartThings home lighting and temperature monitoring. If Alfred cameras had a specific URL to each camera in my account, I could put the URL into the settings to create a tile thumbnail view of my cameras that could be clicked into for a bigger view.

This is the kind of feature I’d pay for. At the end of the day, I’d love to be able to be in my kitchen where I’ve mounted my Android tablet that shows me which lights are on, where my boys are playing, what the temperatures are through out the house with the added feature of being able to turn on/off or dim lights as necessary.


It bothers me no one replied to you since 2016.I second this wish, and would ask that anyone who creates it have pity and maybe just give it to me. I can’t figure out all the coding stuff, I think that part of the brain lost oxygen at some point…


Hey @thom.holcomb @pete3500,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

This is a very cool idea. We will look into it the first chance we get. Please stay tuned!

Before that becomes a reality, if you want to share your Camera feed to others, try Trust Circle:

If you want to get a bigger view of your Camera, you can try our WebViewer:

Hope it helps!


Your recommendations don’t help at all. And they come nearly 3 years too late.

I already know about the PC view and the trust circle feature.

Alfred is woefully behind the times when it comes to smart home integration.

Alfred’s not even part of my home security solution anymore because it didn’t interconnect with my other systems. Much easier to buy cheap IP cameras designed to easily and neatly mount without phone reboot issues et cetera.

If Alfred could run in the background and/or integrate with IFTTT - then I might not have ever purchased the $50 IP cameras.

At this point, Alfred is just a toy I play with.


@thom.holcomb welcome back Thom.