I would like to set up more Camera Phones. What devices would you recommend?

We would like to think that one of the best things about Alfred is the fact that he supports an unlimited number of devices. This means you can connect as many Camera Phones as you want and build your own home security system. If you don’t have enough old phones sitting around, what can you do? You can get some, but from where? Here are some tips from seasoned Superheroes:

1) Search auction sites for phones with cracked screens:

As long as you make sure the lenses are fine and the screens still respond, you’re gold! Phones with cracked screens can be bought for really cheap, and they will serve just as well for the purpose.

2) Check out Walmart for TracFones:

TracFones are budget-friendly. As long as you make sure the model runs Android 2.3 and up, you can easily convert it into a Camera Phone.

3) Time to bust out your old iPods:

Did you know Alfred runs on devices with iOS 8 and up? If you can find an old iPod, you’ve got yourself an extra Camera right there!

Hope these tips helps! Do you have any experience sourcing old devices for Alfred? Where did you find yours? Please share!

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