I wabt yo use smart phone and laptop

I want to wiew with my smart phone ay one lication and use laptop for camera at 2nd lication. How do i?

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@sbradfordkr500 Alfred app as a camera device is only available for iPhone and Android.
You could try loading an Android simulator like bluestacks on your PC laptop if you use the search function on this forum there are other Alfred users who have used this method though it is not officially supported that I know of.
Or you could try other software.
PC or Laptop (Windows) USB cam as a security camera

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Hi @sbradfordkr500 ,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred is an app that transforms smartphones/tablets into cameras. For the moment, it is not compatible with any existing ip cams/webcams/security systems on the market.

The great news is Alfred’s iOS and Android versions are 100% compatible. Even if you find devices running different operating systems, you can connect them together!

We also have some tips for scoring new Camera devices for cheap here:

Hope this helps!