I use Alfred to.... Catch the cops and a sneaky landlord

Recently we’ve been having issues with our landlord. He has always been a nosey butt however I’ve managed to always tolerate him but just barely. Recently we were late with the rent (my fault), only a couple of weeks were needed as we had a unplanned emergency come up. Well the landlord is a ball buster anyway trust me on the 28th of the month he starts lighting up my phone with multiple multiple text messages about when and how the rent was going to get to him . And God forbid if your in the middle of anything else when he texts . He waits approx 3 minutes for a reply and then texts again "why won’t you answer " - “Are my messages coming through” " if you’re getting these please respond " and many more over and over until he drives you freaking out of your skull and answer the Big Bully. He is 1200 miles away in another state but it feels as close as a festering ass boil most times. Anyway back to the topic at hand - we were going to be 2 weeks late and had given him the date and were up front about it from jump. You can’t even imagine the number of texts flooding my direction . It pissed me off so bad I finally just muted his messages so I didn’t have to deal with my phone going off hourly. Well about a week of that and then one day his bully brother shows up in person at the house wanting in to do a home inspection for his brother the owner . Well with that kind of attitude I told him to go GET BENT and he wasn’t coming in. Well that sent him and his brother into the Ozone furious. I explained nicely to bully on site #2 that I didn’t care what kind of tantrum that him and his brother threw they weren’t coming in to do any inspection. When he told me he would come through me and go into his brothers home any time he felt like it I thought it was time to explain things one more time but only this time while holding my Colt Model 1911 .45 caliber automatic pistol. I never pointed it or even put my finger on the trigger but it was unholstered pointed downward while we went over things. Meanwhile my phone is going beserk as you can imagine. So anyway the big bully decided to leave and I thought that was the end of him for a while but 2 hours later he shows up at the house only this time with 9 officers in 6 cruizers and 1 paddy wagon with guns drawn pounding upon my door. It seems the two hours I used to get past the stupidity was spent by bully brother at the station giving a beautiful version of how I wouldn’t allow them access to their property and how I was pulling a loaded weapon on him and how he narrowly escaped death but not until he told them he heard me say “NO ONES COMING IN HERE AND ANYBIDY TRIES THEY WILL BE SORRY” (UNBELIEVABLE STACK OF COMPLETE LIES). So I was forcibly removed from the house like a criminal with 4 rifles and 2 shotguns pointed at me while I was ordered out backwards the on my knees then face down then about 6 police thugs jumped on me with their knees in my back to teach me a lesson. (Oh by the way did I mention the two hellicopters that were circling yes 1 was the evening news and the other was the police chopper in case I decided to make a run for it). So after watching them for over an hour rummage through my home they finally emerged with 2 handguns and 2 hunting rifles. Now having forcefully disarming me (the crazed lunatic) someone finally takes 5 seconds to ask me what had happened? After going through things with them like I did with you in this story they turned to baby bully and asked him if any of what I had said was true? He ferociously denied everything I had said and said I was lying about everything that it happened just the way he described it. About that time my wife was finally allowed down the street and she came up and asked what was happening ? After they explained what was the bully had said and what they were going to have to charge me with my wife looked right at my handcuffed butt and said “do you think the cameras caught any of it”? WOW WHAT A DUMBASS I WAS I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE 5 ALFRED CAMERAS I HAD SET UP AROUND THE HOUSE. THERE WERE BEAUTIFUL OPPOSING VIEWS OF THE FRONT YARD AND STREET AND THE LIVING ROOM CAMERA I HAD TRAINED ON THE INSIDE FRONT DOOR WAS IN PERFECT RANGE TO CAPTURE EVERY BIT OF AUDIO BETWEEN ME AND THE LANDLORDS BULLY ON SITE. So after playing the Audio and showing multiple views of how things really went down ( just as I had described) the landlords little brother was taken into custody ( not nearly as obnoxiously as I was of course) and my cuffs were removed. When it was all over they charged him with 4 felonys 1 Filing a Felonious false police report 2. Terroristic Threats 3. Endangering the public at large in the commission of a felony 4. Inciting a Riot. They actually gave him a ride in the paddy wagon they had brought for me straight to county jail with a hold to see the judge and of course it was a Holliday weekend so the judge wasn’t in until the following Wednesday. So he had to stay with no bail set until he seen the judge on Wednesday . He stayed Fri-Wed afternoon then his bail was set at 200,000. They also charged the landlord with conspiracy to incite a riot and with felony harassment . The judge also issued full restraining orders on both of them and added a misdemeanor trespass charge for being on the property . Anyway I counted when it was over the text messages I had gotten during those two weeks and the number was 81 ! Can you believe 81 messages in 2 weeks when he knew all along when he was going to be paid . I told you he was a ball buster . Well we’ve decided to start looking for other living arrangements and hopefully were into something different by next month. We decided not to give the landlord the rent due to the crazy stuff we were put through so instead we donated the rent money to the local no-kill animal shelter in the landlords name and mine so I can get the tax deduction and he can get angry about his money. All I can say is thank goodness my wife remembered the cameras and thank God I had the smarts to set up the Alfred system like it was. Funny thing is that only 1 week before I only had 1 camera set up and it was barely a good view of the mailbox.
A Lesson For Everyone : Cops sure don’t like being made fools of and they definitely pull no punches when it comes to getting even. “Do the right thing even when no one is looking” my dad always told me that. Even though I lost him in 2010 to an agent orange related cancer from serving in Vietnam in 66-68 I still miss him every day and hear his words ring in my ears often .
In Honor Of Sgt Leslie A Boolin who served in the US Army from October 1966 until October 1968 . He was only 19 when drafted and carried off to war . He will always be my HERO. I MISS YOU DADDY LOVE G.


Wow! I’m a gun owner. I have a concealed carry too. This is a great lesson for all. Ty for sharing!

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Good for you. There are many things that I am dubious about with America (the politics not the people) but being able to own guns is not one of them. Don’t let them take your guns.