I need a help to get refund

Hi. I just signed in premium version but i found it costs all at once not by month. Which isnt neccessary for me… and HD isnt really helpful for my room. I need quick help for refund procedure. Please help. Thank you


Welcome to Alfred Center!

Please follow the instruction here to cancel the subscription and request a refund:

Let us know if you have other questions/feedback for Alfred in the future.

I am contacting you for the 4th time. I paid for premium last month and it said my account was associated with another. I emailed you my receipt from Google play like you asked. You said you would refund my premium membership if nothing else worked??? Well here I am 1 month later and you still haven’t done a thing? Now you’re gonna charge me for another month! Now your owe me for 2 months cas you never even got back to me! I cancelled my subscription on Google play! Don’t make me report you just refund my $$$$$. Thanks Dawn Bates adabldou@gmail.com

Is that supposed to be Da Bitch or Dab Itch ? Hope you sort out your refund then purchase yourself a nice little IP camera with no monthly fees and no ads
Good day

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Now that they charged me for another month I can’t even use what I paid for? I had too cancel so you wouldn’t keep charging me for a premium service I couldn’t use and now it won’t even let me use the free service! Hope stupid you people are! Thank you for nothing!

Just make another Gmail account just for Alfred then sign in with that so you can use the free version if you still want to use Alfred free version.
I know that doesn’t get your money back hopefully Admin can sort that out if we ever see them !


We are deeply sorry for what you have experienced. Your request to refund has been accepted. Please wait a couple of days for the procedures to proceed.

If you still want to try Alfred Premium, please kindly tap the UPGRADE button again on your Alfred app. It should be working normally right now. Let me know if you need further assistance.