I need a disguise for my camera phone

Id like to hear if anyone has any ideas regarding a way i can disquise my phone, and possibly the cord going to the outlet. Any ideas?

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Actually, we have been collecting photos of different setups. You can check them out here and see if you can find some inspiration:

If you figure out the perfect disguise, we’d love to see a photo as well!

I tried disguisin my phone also. But hiding it is usually best. If it’s outside I nestle it between a couple of branches in a bush. When I’m using the camera inside I like hiding it in plain site. I did try wrapping my phone in camouflage but it just stuck out even more.

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Try getting an empty hair product or lotion bottle( something that will fit your phone, and if you want a perfect fit, just go to the dollar store and pick a plastic bottle of something thatll fit your phone, dump the product and wash and dry it) then use an exacto blade or scissors to cut a slit in the back where it won’t be noticed, like where the label has lots of writing or designs, then slide in the phone to make sure it fits and feel where your camera lens is and mark a dot with a pen. Take out your phone and use a razor blade to cut an opening just big enough for the camera lens. It may look obvious to you because you know what it is, but when its next to a bunch of other product bottles and perhaps a hair dryer and curling iron( those cords will help hide the little phone cord), it will be very hidden. ESPECIALLY if youre hiding it from someone that’s not to familiar with beauty products aka typical boyfriends. Best of luck. :slight_smile:


If you want to hide in plain site, looking for a second hand phone on ebay with a smashed screen that still works and can be slightly used, is useful. Set up with Alfred, turn screen brightness down to 0 and wrap tape around to make looked knackered. If asked has to be charged and leaving for repair is useful.

Or placing phone in a hidden place and attaching a powerpack, a decent one, so do not have to plug into mains for a day. However make sure phone has all serives that you do not need and apps disabled to reduce power usage.

Get a super charger that will keep your phone charged for at least 4 hours . hide your phone in a stuff animal or a box with a hole in it or even in a basket of dirty clothes


Find à plant or put it behind a picture frame or inside a stuffed animal


I hid mine in a pair of shorts with a hole in the pocket, stuffed in my softball glove laying in the corner near an outlet that was behind the couch and never used…or in a book that i cut out and placed strategically on the shelf and taped the cord down the side behind some other books. Just make sure EVERYTHING is put on silent…

Mine is disguised as a phone on charge :nerd_face:

A cheap case replacement and hit with a hammer, and glue together and with tape, make it look crappy, and leave it as a phone on charge.

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