I’m cheating on my husband

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So my husband is bipolar and has these paranoid mood swings. He has cameras up in the house and I’m always being watched. So when I started having an affair I had to put cameras up of my own but hidden. So I could see if he did the same. When whom ever comes over I just adjust his cameras so they dint pick up the motion. I hate what I’m doing but he just smothers me so much. Any advice?

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Install Google deep dream on his computer it runs in the back ground you think he is paranoid now wait till he starts see monsters and real creepy shit it will send him over the edge. Case closed


No that’s not a good idea. He’s a retired recon marine with severe pats


Well now. Thank you for finally admitting it my dear. I put the cameras up cause you made me think I was going crazy. And come to find out I was right all along. Sad thing is you didn’t have to hide it. I’d a let you do you if it really made you happy. But the lies and messing with my mind is just mean! I wish y’all the best of luck!


What if just maybe a portion of his paranoid he can’t get out of is cuz he’s too damn busy worries bout his wife having an affair??? Just a thought…


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Um hi honey there is only one fair thing to do and that’s to let me have some ! Since ur already cheating I want some too! Jest kidding… now the only fair thing for ur marriage is for u and him to go to marriage counsling… u wouldn’t like it if he cheated on u so stop that and b true to urself and ur martiage… and if it doesn’t work out then get a divorce and marry me! Jest saying

Is it a prank app deep dream? What’s the purpose