I keep getting Error 7007



I would like to say thanks for the awesome app. Everything was working fine and now I keep getting a error 7007… what’s wrong…? I have turned phones off and on… checked wifi connection… check battery… uninstalled app… re installed app…signed into different Gmail… and I just keep getting the error 7007… help please… hope your day is going well…


Hey @williams880,

Thank you for reaching out!

7007 means something is wromg with your Camera end:

However, it does sound like you already did all you could. If you could just DM me the Gmail address you use for Alfred, I can get the engineers to take a look at the logs (just the logs. We do not have access to your videos or feed) and see if they can figure something out!


I too get the same error 7007, when the viewer is on mobile data, though works perfectly well in wi-fi. But it does occasionally work fine with mobile data as well. Strangely, motion activated video recordings are working, even when the viewer is on mobile data.


Hi @jacobpv,

Thank you for reaching out!

We took a look at the logs and it seems like your Cameras aren’t on a very stable WiFi connection. They disconnects rather often (especially around peak hours). Could you look into that?


The same problem i had.Error 7007 and 5016 everything is goog wifi signal charger but the problem is going on after 3 days maximum.Then i must restart phone and again doing that after 3 days.Any update or suggestion?


Hey @yu7bdp,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center and reaching out!

We took a look at the logs and found several potential causes for your problem.

First of all, please do not hit the power key after setting your Camera devices up! Read more about why you shouldn’t here:

Second of all, please update your Camera devices. Alfred works best when all the devices are running the same version of the app.

Last but not least, your WiFi signal actually isn’t the best. This could occasionally lead to disconnection, but the biggest problem remains the power key.

Give the “no power key” thing a go for a few days and see if it helps.


Hi, this is the second time I am out of the house for a longer while and my camera disconnected with the same 7007 error yet again as soon as I stepped out. This time I had another camera on the same account which is working fine. Also the camera with error was working fine everytime i tested it in the last week. The wake up feature doesn’t work as well. Can you help me find the problem and fix it remotely?


Hey @13taranjs,

Thank you for reaching out!

We looked into the issue for you.

First of all, your WiFi signal is not very good. This is probably the main reason why you keep seeing 7007.

Second of all, please update your GT-I8552 to the latest version of Alfred. Running inconsistent versions could cause connection problems as well.

Last but not least, please do not press the power key after setting up your Camera device:

Hope this helps!


I keep getting this 7007 code when I use the viewer and I have very good signal. Can you help me fix this problem.Thank you!


I have this problem as well as the 5016 error after resetting


Hey @sammybrant37,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

Could you log out from your Camera and log back in?

Let me know if this fixes the problem!


I also get the 7007error. But when logging in with another account it works fine :frowning:


Hi @angelinanorlin,

Thank you for reaching out!

You have to log in to your Viewer Phone with the same account you use on your Camera Phone. Could you check to see if that’s the problem?

Keep me posted!


I also get the same 70007


Hi @tymurrahman1979,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

You see Status Code 7007 when your Camera has been powered down, disconnected from the Internet, logged out, or simply crashed. For the moment, I can’t see a lot of connection logs from your device. Could you make sure your Camera is plugged in, connected, and logged in? Try again and let me know if the problem persists!


I came home to parts of my house destroyed by my dog. Eager to review my two Alfred cameras that I have set up in the house to see if the action was caught, I find both cameras fail to connect with error 7007.

Mind you, these are cameras that have been set up for over a month… They have not moved locations. Their power source has not changed. They haven’t been touched. The WiFi router hasn’t been moved or touched. Why, after a month, would they all of a sudden disconnect and not auto reconnect? Very sad that Alfred didn’t capture the action :frowning: :frowning:


Hi @briankudera,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

I took a quick look at the connection logs. It seems like both of your Cameras went offline at around the same time yesterday. Did anything happen to your WiFi? Did you change your Gmail password? Have you been able to check on your devices to see if you can find any information there?

I am really sorry that Alfred didn’t capture your dog red-handed, but when two Cameras go offline at the same time, there is almost definitely a good reason.


Ohhh shoot… I DID change my Gmail password!! I change it every three months. I guess I will need to remember to reset my cameras at the same time! Thank you!


Hi @briankudera,

I’m glad we solved the mystery!

Keep me posted if you have more questions/feedback!


My gmail is: pokerndasmoker@gmail.com. will you see why i keep getting a 7007 msg? Was working perfect all night and all morning. Now this.