I installed the free version,the latest 2019, after viewing and liking it, and rated it 5 stars, it quit working and said I needed Alford 5020 fore my viewing camera, and another latest version, which I have

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  1. The Gmail account you use to sign in to Alfred (Optional): _______meainal@gmail.com

  2. App version (You can find it on the About page):4.2.2 (build 2112)

  3. Which device has the problem (Viewer or Camera name):both

  4. Description (Any screenshot or video would be very helpful):I got ok one my viewer camera, then I changed it name , then it sad I needed the newer version, … I don’t understand, I use this app a few years ago, and it worked fine.

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Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

You see this message because you are running a version that is no longer supported. Please find out more here and update your Camera to continue using Alfred:

Hope it helps!