I got connection Status Codes. What should I do next?

Alfred doesn’t need much, but a stable Internet connection is a must. Many issues Superheroes experience are essentially Internet issues. To make troubleshooting easier, we are laying the 7-series issues out for you here. (Check out “Why do I keep experience connection problems?”)


If you see 7001 or 7008, your Viewer Phone might be somewhere with bad signal, or simply not connected at all.

What to do next? Check the connection on the Viewer.

Alfred connection message 7001 7008

If you are seeing 7002 or 7003, simply put your devices aren’t communicating with each other anymore. For example, your Viewer cannot retrieve video feed from your Camera devices.

What to do next? Try again later.

Alfred connection message 7002 7003

7004 is a similar problem. You will see this message during live sessions when the Internet connection on your Viewer’s end is not stable. Please wait while Alfred attempts to get the connection back.

If you are seeing 7006, the Camera is either not online or not available for connection.

What to do next? Please wait while Alfred attempts to reestablish the connection. If it still doesn’t work, please check the Internet connection on your Camera end.

Alfred connection message 7006

If you are seeing 7007, the Camera could be powered down, disconnected, logged out, or simply crashed.

What to do next? First of all, tap the yellow circle on the thumbnail to see if you can wake the Camera up. If that doesn’t work, please make sure the Camera is a) connected to the Internet b) properly logged in and c) plugged in to a power source.

*The yellow circle “Wake Up” option is available for iOS Cameras. Android devices need Google Play Service for this feature to function.

Alfred connection message 7007

You can also run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved:

In addition, please avoid pressing home button, power key or airplane mode after you set up Camera. It might reduce the signal reception. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner. What’s more, for iOS Camera, please try Guided Access to ensure your Camera not deter by other application and can reboot Alfred after the crash. You can see how here:

Please also check out our tutorial and get the most out of your WiFi and make sure all your devices are running the latest version of Alfred! This helps Alfred run more smoothly as well.

Need further assistance? Go back to the list of frequently asked questions, check out the tips, start a new thread, or fill out the issue report form!

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如果您看到 70017008,您的監控端可能收訊不佳,或是沒有連線。


Alfred connection message 7001 7008

7004 也是類似問題。現場連線觀看時監控端網路不穩就會看到這個訊息。請稍候,阿福管家會持續設法連線。

如果您看到 7002 或是 7003,您的裝置間連線出現問題,您的監控端無法從相機端取得影像。


Alfred connection message 7002 7003

如果您看到 7006,相機端可能不在線上,或是無法連線。


Alfred connection message 7006

如果您看到 7007,相機端可能斷線或是被登出。

怎麼辦呢?首先,請按下相機縮圖上的黃色圈圈,看能不能喚醒相機。如果不行,請檢查相機端 a) 有連線 b) 登入正確的帳號 c) 有插電。

PS: 黃色的喚醒相機圈圈只有安卓相機端才有,並且要有 Google Play 服務這項功能才能正常運作喔!

Alfred connection message 7007

請參考這篇文章,讓您的WiFi 發揮最佳效能。不要忘了將所有的裝置更新成最新版本的阿福管家,才能阿福管家順利運作喔!

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