I found this app. I think I was being recorded with partner

After a few months of my partner acting strange in my house…I came to the conclusion after I found this app, that he’s been filming us and maybe other encounters while I am out or at work. So, thus I joined in here too to see what its all about. I believe some camera app is installed on my Roku TV because there’s two channels called “vcr” that is like black fuzzy. Looks like the camera is covered up or something like that.

I think I would have been fine with the filming but not all the dishonesty. Plus , I stumbled on two videos of him with someone that wasn’t me. I’m pretty sure that I know he is filming with other people, whether it is just masterbation or more, I can’t say. We aren’t officially together so, he feels its all fine and dandy. I on the other hand, feel left out of the experience and deceived.

At this point, I find it very hard to trust him because this weird behavior has been going on for a few months and I suspect that it started with this app and continued with adult movies and chaterbate and a lot of other chat and dating sites. Its too many people involved with his life in an intimate way which is not really okay with me. But, he can chose that over me and I can just move on if so. And now…I feel like I should be out doing those things too. I was on fet life and there are no shortage of hot local men who are interested in me
So…we shall see how it plays out.

Stay tuned and thanks for letting me vent.