I can't remove my gf from trust circle

hello. i enjoyed the app and every thing was great. i added my friend to my trust circle and it worked fine. but now i can’t remove her gmail address from my trust circle. every time i remove her gmail, it appears again. now she has access to my camera and i can’t remove her from trust circle list . what should i do ??
i reinstalled both apps. logged out and logged in. but didn’t work.

Which device has the problem? viewer
Device Model Name: huawei mate 10 lite as viewer & sony experia as camera
OS Version: android 8
AppVersion: 3.11.05

Hi @sirkooshiar,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

That’s odd. We are not able to replicate the issue from the devices at hand. Could you try to remove her account from trust circle via Alfred Webviewer? In the meantime, you are welcome to record a short clip about how you fail to remove the account from trust circle and send it to us. Keep us posted!

:joy::joy::joy::joy: sry man! That one literally made me spit my drink as I was reading. I knew it’s a serious issue and question for staff and tech, I just couldn’t help it! Needed a good laugh In such a serious forum.

I have the same problem what did you do?

Are you talking to me Bill

Nothing yet. I asked my gf to uninstall the app.
The problem still exists. I will upload a video showing whats going on.

@sirkooshiar @bobblack1230 as an interim just make a new Gmail account. Don’t trust anyone to this new Gmail account, then if you need to share just switch back to the old account. Keep us updated.

I had this problem recently. It wouldn’t remove them from the trust circle from the app (but that’s how I added them) but removing them via the Web interface did the trick. :slight_smile:

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