I can't erase the recording

The recording cannot be erased. If you erase one day, the previous day will be restored for some reason. If you know, please tell me how to take measures.


Same thing happening here

Same here. Been going on for a few days. Any answers?

I have had the issue since i updated chrome. When web viewer added the siren button. About a week. 2 camera.s both can’t delete from server.

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As I thought. Let’s look at the situation a little more. Thank you

It was the same symptom even if I tried it with Firefox. There seems to be a problem with Alfred.

This only happens for me using the web viewer. I can delete the events on my Android viewer and they stay deleted.

I’m only using the androids as cameras. I Never use android as a viewer. I was able to delete w no issues until a week a go.

I just tested it again and I cannot delete the events from the web viewer either. I hardly ever use the web viewer so I never noticed this issue.

Hey guys,

Thank you for helping us locating this issue. We are really sorry for the trouble and will fix the issue ASAP.

Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention.

Thanks Bella. Keep us informed. I have turned both motion detectors off on my cameras so i don’t get overwhelmed. Now it’s just like looking out the window until i want to start recording again.

All my 7 day old videos didn’t purge from the server. Still can’t manual delete videos.

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09/13/2019 and still can’t delete videos from the web app.

I guess they stopped this function. Auto deletes after a week. Gives google more time to practice their devious practices.