I can't enable my camera once it's been disabled from another device


Whenever I disable my camera from my Android phone, it’s impossible to later view it on the Web Viewer, even if I try to enable it there. All it does is give me the message “This camera has been disabled from another viewer device”, where after it is then impossible to connect. I can only connect again if I enable the camera on my Android, and then return to Web Viewer.

Any help would be appreciated.



Unless the official staff has a better answer, I’d suggest:

  1. Use a remote access app (like TeamViewer, Side Sync, etc.) to remotely enable your device.
  2. If someone takes the time to do so (or if the official staff can advise it), it’s likely possible to push a command through ADB, which can also be setup for wireless communication. An added benefit to this option: it’s possible to write custom .bat scripts for one-click execution (even to multiple devices) once the legwork has been done.


Hi Stefan,

If you try to tap on a disabled Camera on the WebViewer, you would actually see a black bar on the bottom showing:

Click “confirm” and your Camera should be brought back online!


Hi Ricardo,

That’s what I do. However, within seconds it gives me the message again that the device has been disabled from another viewer.



Hey Stefan,

Could you please take a screenshot of what you see? Thanks!