I already have a security system. What can Alfred do for me?



I already have a security system. What can Alfred do for me?

Even if you already have a security system installed, we are willing to bet you can still put Alfred to work in many different ways!

Here is why:

If you installed the security system a decade ago and added more structures to your house later, they won’t be covered. Got a new garden shed? A Jacuzzi in the yard? An extra garage? If you don’t want to go through the trouble of having more cameras installed, you can put Alfred to work!

Security systems have fixed cameras facing outside, which means they do not cover what happens in the house. Superheroes have told us that they monitor fridge temperature, 3D printers, robotic lawn mowers, or even pest problems with Alfred. Just name what you want to see and Alfred can get that done for you!

What about babies, pets, or the elderly? Security systems for sure cannot keep an eye on your loved ones! Place Alfred where they spend most of their days, and you will be able to see or even speak to them when you are at work.

Alfred is so versatile that whatever your current home security situation is like, you will be able to reinforce it with Alfred. Now that’s security for everyone!

How do YOU get the most out of Alfred? Please share!

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