Huge iPhone battery drain

Using iPhone 6S as the viewer and iPhone 5 as the camera the battery in the iPhone 6 drained almost completely in about 15 minutes. Any comment? I will need to delete this app from my 6 model since that is the one I use all the time. I have optimized my apps to use little battery and have going 48 hours between charges. This is new.


Could you please go to Settings > Battery on your iPhone to see the battery usage of Alfred? Also, you can find “Battery Health” on the same page. Please check if the Maximum Capacity of your iPhone’s battery is still in the normal range.

Keep us posted if you find out anything.

Alfred was using 22% and the max battery capacity is 85%. looks like a new battery is in the future. My phone which is the primary use for this device is using 31%. I can live with that. I would not like to see Alfred using that much battery power. Probably will delete it from the iPhone 6.

Thanks for your response though.

Hey Jack,

Thanks for checking that for us.

Did you open Alfred a lot on your Viewer phone? Generally, if Alfred is not running on the Viewer phone, it wouldn’t use that much power. As long as the notification setting has been turned on, you do not have to keep Alfred running on your Viewer Phone to receive notifications.

If you didn’t open Alfred a lot nor put it in the background but it still consumes much battery, please let us know. We will check if there is an issue on our latest version. Thank you!

Have a good day!

Thanks for your response. I only opened Alfred once on my viewing phone and left it on for maybe 15 min. Battery very worn down after that. Not sure what that means, but at this point I am retiring it and will check again later. Thanks again.