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When motion detection is activated it does not record in moments, am I doing something wrong? I am viewing on PC Firefox?

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@josiejane75 yes. Yes you are doing something wrong. If you are using your viewer to live view then Alfred will not record any motion events, you have to do that manually whilst live viewing. Manually recorded events are stored locally. If you are not live viewing then Alfred will record motion events to the Alfred servers (cloud) which will disappear after 7 days if you are a free user unless you save them to moments.
I hope that’s cleared that up.


Thanks, I will close alfred app on pc but it does seem like I did that when I went to work the other day and didnt have any notifications and I know the mailman was here and my sister but I didnt get anything in moments. Is it firefox? should I try another browser?


@josiejane75 possible I can’t really say as I don’t use it. Best just load the Alfred App on your normal phone to use as the viewer it’s normally more reliable. Keep us updated.


Hey Josie,

On WebViewer, please swipe through the Camera and you will see a calendar sign and that’s where the Motion Events are located.

If you find it very confusing, please let us know. We will try to make some adjustments accordingly.


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