How to recover Google account without verification code


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Flagged as spam. Link will take you to a third party site where you are welcome to pay for services which can be found for free.
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@ricardo you have to sort out all this spam before someone gets malware or worse from one of these links.


I will gladly sift through these daily to weed out potentially harmful spam… If it is a paid position!!! :grin:


And/or subsidised in some sort of mutually beneficial way :fireworks::tickets::rainbow:


Thanks for helping flag those spam posts, guys! Those spam posts should be hidden from other users now. We are drawing up a more strict rule and moderation policy for the Forum. Got any suggestions?


Yes make your trusted members moderators so we can hide the post for your attention. Then you can delete them and set a time limited ban for first offense then permanently ban on the second.
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