How to recover deleted videos?


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You don’t, once they are deleted then they are gone.


Quantum - Q-Titano AK47…
Android V4.4 KITKAT
android 1666 ( latest version )



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can you please help me to recover my deleted videos this last November 17, 2018
i accidentaly delete it all…
that day was very special to me…
can you please help me…
thank you so much…


Hi Richard,

Your videos are kept on Alfred’s cloud for 7 days (30 days for Premium users) before they are automatically deleted, or until they are manually deleted before the 7 days are up. However, once they are gone, there is no way to recover them.

Please save/download your videos by following the instructions here in the future:


Why not keep your important videos on local folder? You can save them on your mobile phone or your computer. Anyway, just like recover iPhone data from iOS data recovery tool, your deleted video can be recovered as well with an data recovery tool.


To recover deleted videos from iPhone, iPhone Data Recovery Mac is the program for me to do that. All deleted or lost videos, music, contacts, messages, notes, calendars, whatsapp messagges, etc can be recovered from iOS devices, iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files in 3 steps. First to choose data recovery mode, second to scan and preview data, third to recover all data in seconds.


Hi, There are many program and application in the who can able to recover videos from iPhone, iCloud, iTunes like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone, EaseUS Wizard for iPhone, iPhone Recovery software. you can found easily on Internet search .


@ricardo. Really still the same questions and answers over and over again.
You can NOT recover old clips which have been recorded by Alfred unless you have downloaded the clips or recorded them yourselfs to your own hardware then you have a chance. If you have simply let your motion detected clips lapse on your App then they are gone even photorec which is a completely free to use open source software program from the Test disk Linux suite

can’t save you unless you have access to the many different cloud storage locations that Alfred utilize as and when storage demands.
I don’t understand what’s so difficult to grasp about that simple concept.


The most convenient way to recover deleted videos from iPhone is via PR iPhone Data Recovery. The program can scan your iPhone to find the deleted videos on it. You can preview the deleted videos for free with the trial version and recover any of them from your phone to computer.


As stated above. Please don’t waste your money.


If you want to recover your deleted videos then, please follow the following steps for recovery:

  1. First of all you should most download and get installed Photo Recovery Software on your required system.

  2. After that you must began to run the program along with the recovery process.

  3. Please follow the onscreen process procedure.

  4. Finally, choose the option of ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and recover your lost videos




You can not recover videos deleted from the cloud storage.