How to receive Spam without phone number and alternative Spam

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@Ricardo Is this legit business that can stay of is it just more spam?!

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If it’s linking to an unofficial website with a phone number with excessive call rates then it’s SPAM.

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Was tired… didn’t look that far into it… lol.

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No phone number was mentioned in the post. That was just a solution to one of the common problem faced by users.

Your username and the fact that you linked to a site with a phone number unrelated to the company you mentioned and the fact that you are not reading or… Damn I can’t be bothered to explain, if people are stupid enough to click on your spam link then tough titties.


You still didn’t get my point. A link is meant to give detail information about a topic, I guess you haven’t use Wikipedia or Quora in your life. Anyway that was just a tutorial/solution, no worries you consider it as a scam. Peace !