How to prevent the Camera to fall asleep (how to keep it always online)?

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How to prevent the Camera to fall asleep? My camera misses events, I suspect it because it goes asleep? How to keep it alive (always online)?

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To keep your camera stay alive, just push the power save button on your phone. ( that u set up to use as a camera ) the button are located between motion sensor below the screen.

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The Camera is mounted far away from the place where I want to watch it from. The phone is scheduled to reboot every night. So it’s almost impossible going to the camera each night just for touching the Power Save button in order to keep the Camera alive all the time.

Is it possible to do the same from Camera Viewer? Is there a Camera setting saying “Stay Alive”?
The problem is so that my camera misses events… As for the Camera Health, everything looks OK (no disconnects). So, my guess is so that the Camera goes to sleep and this is the reason why it misses events…
If I just launch the Camera and leave it as is in the foreground of my phone, will it stay alive or will go asleep?

Sometime when I try to get connected to the camera with the Viewer, after the first touch on the Viewer I get a toast message saying “Device is offline” and only after the second touch the Viewer is get connected to the Camera. What does it means “Device is offline”? Is the Phone or Camera offline. The Camera Health doesn’t report any disconnects.

How can I see the Events Book in the latest Camera app?

So, what’s the solution?


I had the same problem before, but now, all is ok.
If you use an android as camera, there is a solution.
You go into the set up of the phone, to activate the « developers options » and then you can manage more things like device never asleep and many others interesting set up.
If you don’t find how to activate the « developers options » i will back to you.
Waiting your feedback
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So, selection the “keep screen awake while charging” should solve the problem?

Don’t your camera miss events anymore?

Nothing helps. Even with “keep awake” in Development Options, the camera still misses the events…

How to fix?

Where is an Events Book (it was exist in the previous versions)?


The movement recorded by Alfred are stored in Event Book ( The clips you manually record during the live session as well as the ones you have chosen to share as links go in Moments (

Have you tried to set a higher sensitivity or set your phone in a different position/angle? Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “”"“movement”""" by comparing one frame with the next. We are dedicated to making the algorithm smarter by detecting specific movement. Before that becomes a reality, please try a different setup.

Hope it helps!

The Camera is set to the High Sensitivity - it doesn’t help…

" set your phone in a different position/angle" - I cannot…

Here is how the monitored place looks:

Should be any problem with the movement detection in this place? The light is the same 24/7. Usually 20% of events are missed, 80% of events recorded.

“Before that becomes a reality, please try a different setup” - are you about the camera placement?


Thanks for providing the information!

Here is the funny thing: your WiFi level isn’t 100% related to the number of disconnections. Your WiFi level could be just acceptable (around 50), but your Camera doesn’t get disconnected much. On the other hand, your WiFi level could be pretty good in general, but it gets disconnected a lot sometimes (for example when your provider limits the speed during peak hours).

If your WiFi signal is consistently weak, you might be able to benefit from an app called WiFi Analyzer to give you more insight on how WiFi signal looks in different spots in your place. You might need to consult a professional if a better spot can’t be found.

For more info about connectivity problems, please read:

Also, many users have shared their very creative setups to camouflage the device with us. Perhaps you can find some inspiration here:

Hope it helps!

When I touch a triangle sign in the right bottom corner in the Viewer (network status), I see the following:


Why ‘server’ is OFF? what does it mean? could this be a cause for the missed events?

The Frames per Second, Bytes per Second and Frame Size is continuously changed. The Frames per Second changes between 4 to 16. Is this normal?

Why Server is OFF?

After another connection to the camera, there is no the Server status at all. Why?

any response to my post? what does it mean ‘server off’ or ‘no status’?

Server off means that the viewer and the camera needen’t the server to be connected. Usually, when you are on the same WiFi.
But if the devices are on different networks, they can use the server to be connected, and then the status will be « on ».

When there isen’t server’s status, I don’t know.

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