How to mute or turn sound down?

How can I turn off or adjust the sound when I’m using Alfred viewer. For example, I have the picture on but don’t want to hear the sound while I listen to something else.

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Speaker icon top right, tap to mute/ unmute

Sorry didn’t make clear that I am asking about using Alfred Viewer on a PC. I don’t see any mute button or volume control.


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If you don’t want to hear the audio from Camera’s side, please try to go to your Camera > Menu > Camera Settings > and ensure the Audio option has been turned off. On the WebViewer’s side, we don’t have a button to disable the audio yet. We will add this to the WebViewer as soon as we can. Before that, you can try turning down the volume of your browser. Check out how here:

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An audio control is needed. when using a pc. Not just a mute but better would be a simple level control like on youtube on the pc.

Has there been a fix? I’d like to listen to youtube as I’m watching but I cant

This is the very feature that is missing for me as well.

How did u get it to work on PC I can’t :expressionless:

On the PC you log in to the Alfred website to view your active camera device.

Top righthsnd corner there is a speaker image press to remove the slash, and again to quiet it