How To: Monitor Your Parked Vehicle When It's Not In View - Without Using Vehicle Battery - Day or Night

How To: :oncoming_automobile::movie_camera: Monitor From Inside Of Your Parked Vehicle Looking Out - Day or Night (WITHOUT using your vehicle’s battery)

1 - Wide angle clip on phone lens (aka Fisheye lens) $6 at Walmart in-store.
1 - 10,000mAh Power Bank Portable Battery $14.98 MODEL # WM17AD014 is located in Walmart Automotive electronic department - not in regular electronic Dept (Will charge power pack daily during the other 12 hours or buy more than one to have one charging while using other. It takes approx 5 to 8 hours to charge from 0 to 100% which makes sense considering the numerous additional charges it provides).

1 - Device with bare minimum apps installed, set to lowest battery settings such as screen timeout, brightness, color intensity, developer settings allows a maximum of 0 to 4 apps to run in the background, and right before each monitoring session I’ll run these 3 apps to see cut battery consumption by half which in turn allows my Samsung Galaxy S4 at least 12 hours of Alfred monitoring with high motion detection and auto night vision and approx. two dozen live views per night:
App#1 KILLALL - Task Killer (Google Play Store link below)
App#2 NETGUARD - Firewall (Google Play Store link below)
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Same setup but CANADIAN EH!

  • Dollar Store Battery Pack $4
  • USB Charging Cord $2
  • Fish Eye Wide Angle Lens for phones $2
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